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  • FreelanceOffices has been providing translations for leading companies such as Volkswagen, Audi, Volvo, Compeed, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, Total, Michelin and many more for over 15 years. A translation memory is used, which means that the next assignment adopts identical / similar terms / phrases, which leads to a consistent translation. FreelanceOffices translates into the following language combinations: French, English and German to Dutch. Dutch, English and German to French. Dutch, German and French to English. The specialties of FreelanceOffices are translations of manuals, manuals, webshops, texts related to tourism and technical content. In addition, also general texts. Always ask if the subject you want to translate is within our domains. The delivery time of the translation depends on the number of words to be translated. FreelanceOffices translates up to 5,000 words per day.
  • Transcribing is the conversion of audio text into typed text. This may include voice interviews, location descriptions and other audio files. To this end, FreelanceOffices collaborates with architects, real estate agencies, journalists and universities. Transcripts are converted with professional Philips Transcribe equipment. The files can be forwarded by e-mail, after which the customer receives a typed file. Either we start from a blank Word file or the customer provides a template with which we start.
  • * Phone services We provide customers services for your company in English, French and Dutch(Flemish). Use one of our phone numbers or forward your phone number to ours. Only incoming services.

    * E-mail services We reply to questions of your customers.
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